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Why Guided?


Guided takes the pain out of digitising your customer journey by removing redundant steps. Help your teams deliver new homes faster than ever before.


Our new home handover app is designed for the residential market, supporting compliance with the latest standards, best practices and NHQC.


Empower your teams to deliver consistent, professional and compliant handover and aftercare - in a fraction of the time of your existing processes.

new home handover pack guide

One Amazing Customer Experience.

Guided unites your new home packs and resident information, ready for seamless publication via your own custom-branded portal.

Consistent, Compliant Handovers.

Guided empowers your teams to deliver consistent, compliant and professional handovers, inspections & aftercare with minimal effort. 

new build home handover checklist
new home guide pack

Faster Document Collection.

Systematically gather vital new home handover information, documents, certificates and warranty documents.

Faster Defect Resolution.

Easy to use home inspection, defect capture and reporting alongside new home handover packs on one easy to use home handover app.

new home pre inspection checklist defects

Get The Guided Advantage

1. Fully Managed Setup

Your app-based Guided handovers setup in 24 hours.

2. Plot Specific Documents

Drag, drop 'n' tag documents to plots.

3. One-Click Handover

Assign Plots To Owners with one-click.

Guided Home is an API enabled system

API Integrations

Guided unites fragmented data and systems to maximise efficiency and deliver significant incremental value.

Statutory Record Keeping

Aggregate fragmented as-built, as-maintained property and resident information on one platform for customer information sharing and record-keeping.  

Guided Home is a single solution:

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