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Guided Home is Trusted by Leading Housebuilders, Housing Associations and Developers

Why Housebuilders & Housing Associations Choose Guided Home?

Rapid Simplification

Take the pain out of digitising your customer journey and help your teams deliver new homes faster than ever before.

Consumer Standards

Maximise transparency and consumer outcomes with your own customer journey app and handover solution for all tenures.

Economies of Scale

Empower your teams to deliver consistent, professional and compliant customer journey - in a fraction of the time and cost of your existing processes.

Guide Your Customers Home With Guided Home.

Customer-centric digitisation is faster & more cost effective than ever, with Guided Home.


Simplify processes between your partners, teams (development, sales and customer care) and customers - for a highly efficient process that is crucial for NPS scores & customer satisfaction surveys.

Housing Associations

Maximise transparency and consumer outcomes with your own customer journey app and handover solution. Deliver a consistent, high quality journey for all tenures on one easy to use platform.

Residential Living

Manage your whole portfolio on Guided Home. Handover any building, any tenure

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One Amazing Customer Experience.

Guided Home unites your new home packs and resident information, ready for seamless publication via your own custom-branded portal.

Consistent, Compliant Handovers.

Guided empowers your teams to deliver consistent, compliant and professional handovers, inspections & aftercare with minimal effort. 

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Faster. Simpler. Better.

Speed & Cost To Implement

Our experience building cutting edge technology means your customer app, powered by Guided Home, can be delivered in less time and more cost effectively than a bespoke solution, in-house development or an alternative legacy technology provider.


Our SaaS platform has been built from the ground up to allows users to easily customise and update their branding, settings, features and content without any technical expertise, offering a high degree of flexibility for users, and an optimal and personalised experience for your customers.

Turnkey Solution

Our turnkey solution includes a fully managed setup and can be implemented as a ring fenced solution with no integration work. Our customer success team is on hand to provide friendly support when you need it. And all clients benefit from new features, integrations & enhancements.

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Faster Document Collection.

Systematically gather vital new home handover information, documents, certificates and warranty documents.

Faster Defect Resolution.

Easy to use home inspection, defect capture and reporting alongside new home handover packs on one easy to use home handover app.

new home pre inspection checklist defects

API Integrations

Guided unites fragmented data and systems to maximise efficiency and deliver significant incremental value.

Statutory Record Keeping

Aggregate fragmented as-built, as-maintained property and resident information on one platform for customer information sharing and record-keeping.  

Discover the power of Guided Home and transform your customer journey today.

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