Guided Home - the new home handover compliance and aftercare portal

Built for BTR & BTS Developers

Guided puts the resident at the heart of your business – and breaks the chain between volume of transactions and operational cost and complexity.

Guided is proud to be an Accredited Supplier of the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB).

Trusted by Award Winning Innovators to Improve Competence, Compliance, and Transform the Customer Experience.

Any building. Any tenure.

Operating at scale requires effective collaboration across multiple teams and locations to deliver the best product and customer experience.

Import and bring your projects, buildings, plots types and units to life with Guided’s interactive app based experience.    

Flexibility to manage the customer journey for build to sell and build to rent schemes on one platform. New homes for private sale, shared ownership and rental.   

new home pack structural warranty

Operational Excellence

Guided is a powerful business operating platform that raises the output and competence of your teams to deliver happier customers.

Instantly transition to a customer-centric business. Simply run your customer journey and back office processes on Guided. 

Dramatically reduce redundancy and duplicating document handling. Eliminate slow email based processes and feedback loops. Stop chasing updates and vital information at the last minute.

Data Quality & Integrations

Integrations unite data, apps & systems. Guided is API enabled and accelerates data connections to maximise return on investment and support scale. 

  • Guided connects developers with asset owners/ operators and building residents on one platform.
  • Accelerates setup and onboarding. Minimises manual touch points and errors. Removes duplication, risk, and costs the customer journey


Guided transforms your B2B handovers as well as B2C. Effortlessly share and handover schemes and building information to your delivery partners.

  • Handover schemes and plots to housing associations who can instantly give their customers the Guided Home handover and aftercare experience. 
  • Instantly and securely share documentation on Guided rather than on email or file sharing services. 
  • Use Guided’s inspection and defect capability to simplify and accelerate defect resolution between delivery partners and homeowners saving time, money and pain for all involved. 

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Guided delivers:

  • Rapid digitisation and information sharing
  • Industry leading customer experience
  • Customer centric approach
  • Adherence to your corporate branding
  • Instant native mobile app experience alongside web app
  • Seamless digital end-to-end customer journey
  • Connectivity between your teams and technology

Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how Guided’s handover solution can transform your business efficiencies, operational risk, and asset value across the building’s life.

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