Guided Home - the new home handover compliance and aftercare portal

New Home Handover for Private Sale, Shared Ownership & Rental.

Guided Home partners with forward-thinking housing associations and registered providers who embrace a customer first approach and the latest industry best practices.

Guided is proud to be an Accredited Supplier of the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB).

Trusted by Award-Winning Developers, Housebuilders and Housing Associations


Housing Associations, registered providers and local authorities that own and manage new homes and multi-occupied residential buildings for sale or rent – know that regulatory compliance, fire, and health and safety requirements are tightening.

Portfolio Management

A proactive approach to gathering all of the information needed to sell, let and manage properties safely is required. Stop chasing vital information at the last minute. Delivering this across a large portfolio of new and existing housing for sale and rent can be challenging.


Guided connects asset owner/ operators with building residents on one platform - removing duplication, risk and costs across the building’s life.

Helping Your Teams Deliver

Commercial & Development

You want to focus on delivering homes, often with complex new systems such as heat networks and solar infrastructure.

  • Remove the need to maintain handover paperwork onsite
  • Protect onsite teams from resident queries
  • Proactively collate and share information on scheme and spec with internal teams ahead of schedule.
  • Conduct pre-completion inspections & capture defects digitally on Guided

Sales & Marketing

Your teams are stretchedTime pressure, complexity and errors impact quality and customer experience.

  • Deliver a compliant handover with minimal time, cost, and stress
  • Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming handover admin
  • Exceed customer expectations with a proactive, accurate, and complete information sharing across the customer journey

Customer Care

Keeping residents safe and providing transparency across handover, defects, and repairs is key to customer satisfaction.

  • Ensure residents have quick access to accurate, up-to-date and useful information
  • Pre-empt queries and emerging issues with real-time updates
  • Maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction and reviews
  • Accelerate defect resolution with a seamless digital experience on Guided 

Switching Is Free & Easy
With Guided!

1. Fully Managed Setup

Your app-based Guided handovers setup in 24 hours.

2. Plot Specific Documents

Drag 'n' drop documents, certificates and warranty.

3. One-Click Handover

Assign Plots To Owners with one-click.

Management Team

You need transparency & confidence that standards and statutory obligations are being met and your teams are productive.

Most importantly, you need a solution for connecting residents with the golden thread of building and safety information they need to feel safe in their homes.

Your Customers

Want a sustainable, interactive and truly useful handover pack that helps fix problems quickly.


Guided transforms your B2B handovers as well as B2C. Ask your delivery partners to handover schemes and building information on Guided.

  • Receive completion handover information from multiple delivery partners on Guided and get a consistent, compliant handover every time. 
  • Instantly give your homebuyers and residents the Guided Home handover and aftercare experience with the click of a button.
  • Use Guided’s inspection and defect capability to simplify and accelerate defect resolution between delivery partners and homeowners, saving time, money and pain.

Let's Talk

Guided Home delivers:

  • Rapid digitisation and information sharing
  • Industry-leading customer experience
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Adherence to corporate branding guidelines
  • Instant native mobile app experience alongside web app
  • Seamless digital end-to-end customer journey
  • Connectivity between teams, technology, and owner/ residents

Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how Guided’s handover solution can transform your business efficiency, operational risk, and customer experience.

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