Guided Home - the new home handover compliance and aftercare portal

Consistent, Compliant New Home Handovers. Everytime.

Behind Guided’s plug ‘n’ play resident’s portal is a powerful new home handover compliance solution that maximise productivity while reducing the time and money spent delivering 5* home handover and aftercare.

Trusted by Award-Winning Developers, Housebuilders and Housing Associations

The Guided Advantage

Achieve Efficiency & Compliance

Attract & Engage Customers

Improve Quality & Satisfaction

Optimise for Reputation & Loyalty

Maximise Quality & Integrations

Handover Compliance

Guided’s smart handover and inspection checklists systematically ensure operational excellence and compliance

  • Templated, re-usable handover checklists ensure consistent execution of key controls.
  • Teams systematically comply with consumer codes, operational controls and statutory requirements with minimal effort.
  • Track, report and monitor handover compliance across projects, buildings and tenures.

Content Management

Effortlessly share key information with homebuyers across the customer journey with the handover app that delivers a truly useful digital new home handover and aftercare experience.

  • Templated and configurable handover packs and user guides make new home handover a breeze
  • Setup new developments in seconds by tagging handover templates, user guides and appliance information. 
  • Proactively collate property & safety information, documents & content for customers handover of new homes and apartments for sale and rent.
new home pre inspection checklist defects

Inspections & Defects

Seamless pre inspection, defect capture and reporting – all on one easy to use handover app alongside your digital home handover pack.  

One App

Combine fragmented home handover and aftercare information on Guided Home so your customers and teams have everything in one place.

  • Guided’s plug and play customer portal and app integrate with other systems to provide a single customer experience.
  • Your business has a single app for customer information sharing and record keeping.   

Switching Is Easy
With Guided.

1. Fully Managed Setup

Your Guided Home handover app setup in 24 hours.

2. Plot Specific Documents

Drag 'n' drop your completion documents.

3. One-Click Handover

Assign Plots To Owners with one-click.

Statutory Records

Unite all as-built, as-maintained building and safety information in one place easily maintained and ready for future handover. 

Consolidate data from legacy data stores, file sharing and thirdparty systems for simple more efficient business process. 

Smart Data Collection

Accelerate data and document capture with automatic tagging in new home handover packs and statutory records

homeowner manuals and user guides

Specification & Asset Register

Manage building assets, appliances and specifications on Guided Home. Easily tag and re-use appliance and assets across your developments, plots and rooms with the click of a buttonfor fast setup and consistent, accurate new home handover packs

Access Control

Complete control over content permissions and access control for the homeowner, tenants, guests, building owner/operator, and stakeholders. 

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