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Are you ready? Future Homes Standard June 2022 & Building Regulation Part L uplift?

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Don’t panic; if you are not ready, you are not alone, and there is still time to be compliant. Capture BREL Report Photographic evidence on-site using Guided.

Announced in January 2021, the Future Homes Standard will be implemented via changes to building regulations, with interim uplift going live on the 15th of June 2022.

Less than 65 Days and counting till go-live. Are you ready?

Updates to Part require contractors to take photographic evidence for each dwelling on development as a record during the construction of a property. The photographs should be made available to the energy assessor and the building control body alongside SAP calculations in the BREL report. Ultimately, these pictures will be passed to homeowners to give them a better understanding of how the as-built energy calculation of their property was carried out. Appendix B of Draft Part L 2021 sets out all the stages as well as the photograph requirements, i.e. photo quality and who should take them.

The timings and complexities of ensuring that the necessary photographs are taken on-site for each dwelling are significant – particularly on large, multi-storey, multi-unit residential new builds, build, and purpose-built student accommodation projects.

Site managers will need to ensure a huge number of photographs are taken at each stage of the build before the construction products are no longer visible – from the foundation, sub-structure and ground floor to external walls and roofs. All need to be geo-tagged to the relevant building, floor and unit. Then, the BREL Report and Photographic evidence will need to be collated, reviewed and shared with the energy assessor and building control.

Don’t panic; if you are not ready, you are not alone, and there is still time to be compliant.

Guided’s unique building control task engine and collaboration platform take the pain out of tracking the photographic tasks to completion. Your site managers can receive photographic tasks on-site via the Guided Build app, then capture and tag the necessary photographic evidence in the app to building plans and digital twins for seamless sharing with Project Managers, Energy Assessors and Building Control.

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