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Top 3 Benefits of Home Handover App

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Getting 5-star new home handover and customer reviews just got easier with Guided Home.

One App for New Home Handover & Aftercare App

Guided Home is the solution for publishing new home handover, safety and aftercare information directly to homeowners via your own custom branded homeowner handover app. Guided Home also includes easy to use new home inspection checklists, defect capture and real time defect status reporting in one seamless app. 

With the amount of information that consumer codes require new homebuilders to publish to homeowners today, we ask, is it really possible for builders to comply with information requirements and ensure good customer outcomes without your new home handover app?

New Homes Quality Code (NHQC)

New home buyers are protected by two consumer code schemes that new homebuilders register with. Namely the Consumer Code for Home Builders and the New Homes Quality Code (NHQC). Both schemes strive to ensure builders treat new home buyers fairly throughout the sales process and for up to two years after legal completion. Contained within these codes are mandatory requirements for sharing fair, accurate and complete information to homebuyers around the completion, handover, aftercare and complaints management that must be communicated to the homeowner.

Benefits of Digital New Home Handover App

Historically, new home builders would hand over single-use hard-copy brochures and packs of appliance manuals, warranty documents and other information. Many builders continue to invest time and money in producing expensive leather-bound handover packs. While others have made generic handover information available on their website, this generic content offers limited value to the homeowner. These traditional approaches suffer from the same shortcomings:

  1. Accessibility: It’s hard for homeowners to find the information they need quickly, resulting in limited customer engagement with the content, whether that’s digitally available on the builder’s website or in a physical handover package
  2. Quality: Despite the best efforts of builders, due to resource constraints and printing deadlines, important information might have been left out, or late changes and appliance substitutions are not included. Important appliance manuals, documentation and guarantees may have been lost or not provided by suppliers.
  3. Value: Rarely used after the first handover – physical paperwork gathers dust on a shelf or under the stairs and is rarely re-visited

This is where Guided Home can help: Today, new home buyers of all demographics are used to consuming information via apps on their smartphones and tablets. Guided Home is the solution for real-time publishing of new home handover packs, aftercare and safety information directly to the buyer’s smartphone on the Guided Home app.

Homeowners receive free access to the Guided Home’s new home handover app that includes all the information they need, from floorplans, appliance manuals and warranty information to FAQs, How-tos and customer service details. Guided Home also includes easy to use new home inspection checklists, defect capture and real time defect status reporting in a single app.

Contact us to find out how quickly you can publish your home handover information and transform your customer experience with your App using Guided Home.

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