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Can sales directors deliver professional new home handover & aftercare when cost & resource are under pressure?

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How can new home sales directors reduce their new home handover pack cost and workload while also improving the customer experience?

In these uncertain times, with growing pressure on costs and new home sales teams, how can sales directors deliver a 5* customer experience with less time, people and effort?

With costs, energy and sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the days when a physical handover pack can be considered the best client experience are long gone.

We look at what needs to be included in a professional, compliant handover pack – and how Guided’s app-based homeowner app can relieve the pressure on your team and budgets while also transforming your homebuyer journey and handover experience.

Depending on the size and development type, content to consider includes:

  1. Welcome pack
  2. Customer Services and Aftercare information
  3. Defects, Warranty and Insurance information
  4. Management Company & Fees
  5. Legal completion documents, building certificates, warranties and guarantees
  6. Health & Safety file, including fire safety information. Statutory compliance evidence
  7. Updates, Reminders and Alerts
  8. Homeowner Guides including:
    • A full list of the home contents, manuals and user guides
    • Finishes and choices, e.g. Details of paint, tiles, carpets, etc
    • Plans, rooms and dimensions
    • Settling-in and Maintenance information
    • FAQs and How-to videos
  9. Complaints procedures, escalation and ombudsman information

There are a lot of logistical challenges for sales teams to coordinate, chase and collate all of the inputs from internal and external stakeholders. Paperwork gets lost; emails and attachments go missing and require lots of manual steps to collate. All the while, the time pressure builds, and it’s hard to know what’s outstanding.

Guided is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that centralises all of your development information and homeowner content, streamlining your business processes, eliminating repetitive handover admin, and reminding you of what needs to be completed for each handover.

Contact us to find out how Guided quickly reduces your new home handover and aftercare costs and empowers your staff with a customisable homeowner app that increases engagement, reviews, and efficiency.

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