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Discover Procore’s seamless integration with Guided Home’s handover solution

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Discover Procore’s seamless integration with Guided Home’s handover solution and quickly streamline your processes & information sharing with residents and homeowners.

Guided Home effortlessly connects your teams with the homeowners & tenants they serve with an amazing custom branded handover solution for information sharing across the customer journey.

Our latest integration with Procore Technologies ensures development and customer facing teams have quick and easy access to key documentation plus latest build snags & defects.

Guide your customers home with Guided Home, and quickly streamline your business processes and information sharing across teams. All with one easy to use and cost effective solution that is fast to deploy.

  • Avoid duplicating defect capture
  • Ensure all teams and customers have access to the latest documents and information
  • Deploy Guided Home for your customer facing teams and customers without impacting development teams, delivery partners or contractors using Procore
  • Seamless sharing of homeowner defects captured on Guided Home with development team, delivery partners and contractors using Procore
  • Save time, reduce admin and operational errors. Boost customer satisfaction with Guided Home
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