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Do you know what products are in the building you are in and if they’re safe?

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Home Builders, Property Managers and Homeowners use Guided and BSI Identify UPINs to get access to product information, which supports the usage and management of the products.

  • Do you know what products are in the building you are in?
  • Are the products safe and fit for purpose? 
  • Can you find the product warranty, appliance manuals and maintenance information when you need it? 
  • How would you know a product in the building has been recalled? 
  • What replacement product is required?  

If, as a responsible duty holder, property manager or homeowner, you’ve ever considered these questions, Guided’s easy digital twins and smart asset features are designed to give immediate access to the answers to these questions.

Guided’s web app is designed to enable the quick creation of digital property twins in 3 simple steps. These digital twins are enriched with 3D scans, CGI and property photography to showcase the development. This digital twin and room-by-room breakdown provides the skeleton to tag construction products, appliances, fixtures, fittings, documentation and local area tags. All the property and safety information that a homeowner or property manager would want to access.

Guided’s team will set up your properties and all associated information so you can quickly subscribe and share access with home buyers, homeowners and property managers so they can benefit from the information. In fact, it’s so easy to use that no technical expertise is required, and you can quickly set up and maintain your property digital twins and assets if you wish.

Guided’s partnership with BSI Identify makes it even quicker and easier to tag products to properties using the UPIN ID. Guided provides access to BSI Identify’s database of accurate, unbroken product and safety information.

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