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Features That Homebuyers Love and Save Homebuilders Time & Money

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App-based new home handover packs, warranty and certificates, appliance manuals, and how-to videos that reduce aftercare costs and boost customer reviews.

Happy 2023! (Hopefully)! In this macro environment, and with the impact of higher mortgage rates starting to feed through to the market, homebuilders are under growing pressure.

Redundancies are impacting all teams, including Sales, Marketing and customer care teams, who have to ensure homebuyers have the same 5-star customer journey, handover and aftercare, with less staff to deliver the same experience.

So, how do you make sure your standards, reviews and customer experience don’t deteriorate?


As you kick off the New Year and start executing your plans, make sure subscribing to Guided’s handover platform is at the top of your agenda. Guided is your low-cost platform for publishing homeowner content, documents and safety information directly to your homebuyers in your custom-branded handover app.

Here are 5 key product features that are delighting homebuyers across the country and also saving homebuilders and developers countless hours, resources and costs following the decision to manage and publish all of their homeowner content using Guided’s simple and cost-effective platform:



App Appliances

Homeowners receive free access to the Guided Home App that includes an interactive digital twin of their home brought to life with your imagery, photography and 360 virtual tours. Homebuilders can tag and publish documents, appliances, user guides, FAQs, how-to-videos and more to the digital twin for easy access by the homeowner.

At the tap of a button, they can quickly find the information you’ve published, with everything updated in real time. The handover pack is a living asset that the homeowner can update and maintain as they live in and improve their home, ready for future sale and handover.


App Warranty

Quickly and efficiently publish development and plot specific documents directly to the homeowner using Guided’s web and mobile apps. Suppose there’s a last-minute change to a document. In that case, you can quickly update and republish with the click of a button, eliminating frustrating logistics, re-work or re-printing of traditional handover packs.

Have you received an updated building certificate or a new insurance document? No problem; drag and drop the document, and it’s published in real-time to the homeowner.

3. FAQs

App FAQs

A good set of FAQs that your homebuyers can quickly access significantly reduces the number of queries your customer services team have to handle. Use Guided’s FAQ library or quickly customise/add your development-specific FAQs to the library and use them across your developments with the click of a button.



App How to Video

A picture (and video) speaks a thousand words. If you start getting recurring queries from new homeowners, your team can quickly create and publish a new FAQ, how-to video or explainer to all homeowners.

What’s more, Guided is a one-stop shop for ordering professional property photography, Matterport scans and high quality, custom branded interviews, explainers and how-to-video to publish to your homeowners.

Another big-time and admin save for your teams that ensures you deliver the best handover package to your buyers.

5. Home User Guides

App Home Guides

Take the pain out of delivering professional home handover packs to consistently high standards – use Guided to manage and publish your handover packs and safety information directly to your homeowner app.

Quickly import your existing home user guide content or use Guided’s best practice content templates. Maintain and re-use your Home User Guide content and apply it across each new development, customising as required.

From Settling-in and Maintenance Guides to Appliances, Sustainability, Community and Local Area Guides, empower your homeowners with everything they need at their fingertips.

Just found out about a last-minute substitution to internal specifications or appliances. No problem. Edit the home user guide or appliance info and republish in real-time directly to your resident’s app.

Guided’s app is beautifully designed and easy for homeowners and housebuilders to use.

By empowering your homebuyers to answer their queries with always up-to-date information in the Guided Homeowner app, we are reducing the number of aftercare queries homebuilders receive by 80% on average.

This means your teams are under less stress and pressure – and you can take comfort in knowing that your high standards won’t slip.


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