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Griggs Homes: Award-Winning Housebuilder Implements new customer portal leveraging Procore Integration to Guided Home’s customer portal

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In the residential construction industry, managing new home handover and aftercare compliance can be a daunting task without effective technology. Building safety, statutory obligations, best practices, and consumer codes are constantly evolving, making it challenging for teams to stay on top and deliver consistent, compliant handovers that keep customers happy.

Griggs Homes, an award-winning housebuilder located in the South East, recognised the importance of digitising the new home owner experience and information sharing and defect snagging processes to support business growth and maintain outstanding customer satisfaction scores. However, it was critical that any homeowner solution did not affect the established internal functions and processes, already streamlined with Procore.

Griggs Homes needed a single platform to digitise homeowner information sharing, inspections and defect reporting to enhance cross-team collaboration and eliminate front-to-back data silos so they could efficiently provide a high quality, professional and compliant handover and aftercare experience their customers expect.

Guided Home was Griggs Homes’ preferred choice as its handover compliance solution could be quickly integrated with their existing technology to maximize operational efficiencies; further simplify processes and maximize return on investment in Procore and Guided Home.

Guided Home welcomed the opportunity to support Griggs Homes and other Procore clients. By connecting the two solutions, Griggs Homes removed split paper-based processes and data silos impacting customer service levels.

In turn this freed up valuable time across development, sales and customer care teams to concentrate on strategic deliverables. Furthermore, the homeowners not only enjoyed Guided’s app-based home handover experience but also benefitted from a much smoother defect reporting experience with greater transparency and faster inspections and defect resolution times.


Closeout and handover can be a challenging and stressful time for any housebuilder. With hundreds of construction processes coming together and home demonstrations, handovers, and homeowner defect snagging processes happening all at once, traditional processes and technologies can struggle to keep up.

For customer-centric housebuilders like Griggs, it’s crucial to move away from manual processes, disconnected systems and siloed data in order to exceed homeowner expectations. This is especially important for growing housebuilder working in the current market environment.

Griggs Home, like many others in the industry, received homeowner defects via telephone or email. The customer care team then had to manually enter this information into Procore Punch List before allocating tasks. The homeowner and customer care team had to request and track updates manually, which was time-consuming and inefficient. While Griggs had explored homeowner defect apps before, none of them met the needs of their homeowners and internal teams with one connected solution.

Closing the Information Gap in the Housebuilding Industry with Procore and Guided Home

In the residential construction industry, managing new home handover and aftercare compliance can be a daunting task without effective technology. Building safety, statutory obligations, best practices, and consumer codes are constantly evolving, making it challenging for teams to stay on top and deliver consistent, compliant handovers that keep customers happy.

Griggs, a rapidly expanding, customer-centric housebuilder, recognised the need for all teams involved in their customer journey to collaborate on a single platform for customer information sharing and record-keeping.

Guided Home, the centralized homeowner information sharing, handover and aftercare solution, delivered immediate benefits to both Griggs and their homebuyers on day one. Even before completing the first home handover, Guided Home quickly created a reusable living home handover template that can be re-used across plots and developments, freeing up valuable time for multiple teams to focus on strategic deliverables instead of data entry and document management.

Guided Home’s native homeowner inspections and defect capture tool further increased transparency and closed the information gap between homeowners seeking updates and the internal teams resolving defects, saving even more time.

Using Procore’s Open API for a Seamless System Integration

Guided Home is dedicated to streamlining processes for their clients and minimizing the time spent on delivering five-star home handover packs, inspection and defect resolution. Using Procore’s open API, Guided Home was able to set up a seamless connection between two systems in under four weeks.

This integration had an immediate impact for Griggs Homes and their customers, eliminating data silos and resulting in improved customer experiences for new home handover, inspections and defect resolution. This alleviated a lot of pressure on internal teams and reduce the typical homeowner frustrations that can happen during snagging.

The automation of data transfer removed the need for multiple teams to manually re-key information, saving valuable time and resources. According to Matt Pope, Guided Home’s CTO, Guided Home’s rapid digitisation and API-enabled solution is key to removing data silos and providing multi-year value to our clients.

Preserving Your Company’s Reputation

In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, a business’s reputation is its most valuable intangible asset. Today’s homebuyers and homeowners demand a digital experience that adds real value, rather than a mere box-ticking exercise. This is where Guided Home comes in. Our fully branded digital homeowner experience is trusted by housebuilders to enhance their brand and product and provide a superior service to their homeowners.

The Benefits of Guided Home

Guided Home’s mission is to minimise the time our clients spend delivering a superior and compliant customer journey from sales launch to handover and to the end of the relationship with the customer.

Griggs Homes trusted Guided with their customer experience and it paid off. In just 4 weeks, the Procore integration was up and running. Homeowners on the first development enjoyed the benefits of a seamless app-based home handover, inspections and defect experience.  The immediate transparency and speed of logging defects meant the homeowners could enjoy settling into their new home. Griggs’ construction team and their contractors were promptly notified of any new defects and had instant access to all the details through Procore Punch List.

Using Guided’s smart home handover templates, Griggs Homes have successfully handed over multiple developments and accelerated the defect resolution time thanks to the Procore integration.

About Guided Home

Guided Home is the connected home handover compliance solution. Used by fast growing, customer-centric residential developers, housebuilders and housing associations handing over homes for sale, shared ownership and rent.

Our platform connects clients and their teams with their customers like never before –  with one easy to use app for information sharing and record keeping that transforms the customer experience. To efficiently provide a high quality, professional and compliant customer experience – connect your teams, data and customers with Guided Home.

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About Procore

Procore is a leading provider of construction management software. Over 1 million projects and more than $1 trillion USD in construction volume have run on Procore’s platform. Our platform connects every project stakeholder to solutions we’ve built specifically for the construction industry—for the owner, the general contractor, and the specialty contractor. Procore’s App Marketplace has a multitude of partner solutions that integrate seamlessly with our platform, giving construction professionals the freedom to connect with what works best for them. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, Procore has offices around the globe.

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