Guided Home - the new home handover compliance and aftercare portal

Guided Home launches solution for residential developers that accelerates the path to happier homebuyers and New Homes Quality Code compliance.

Guided Home is Proud to be an New Homes Quality Code Accredited Supplier

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Guided Home’s innovative new home handover compliance and aftercare solution is built around a plug-and-play resident’s portal, that puts homebuyers at the heart of new home handover and aftercare – boosting resident engagement and reducing handover costs by 82%.  

Mike Tindall, Co-Founder, Guided Home: “Guided Home gives residents quick access to the information they need to feel safe and happy in their new homes, which aligns perfectly with the NHQB’s mission to improve customer service and transparency.”

Guided Home is the latest accredited supplier of the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) – a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of new homes and customer service provided by developers.

Designed specifically for residential developers and their customers, Guided Home offers – Your Home in Your Pocket – transforming the experience of owning a new home through an innovative and interactive app-based experience. With comprehensive information about the purchasing process, as well as essential details about the property, fire, safety and maintenance, and user guides; homeowners can confidently live in and care for their new home.

Not only does Guided Home make information sharing with homebuyers a breeze; the solution allows homeowners to easily submit snag and defects back to the developer so any faults are quickly taken care of. The developer in turn can fix defects faster, reducing associated costs, customer queries and potential reputational damage.

Guided Home is committed to delivering the future of home handover experiences, promoting sustainability and improving industry competence, standards and most importantly – homebuyer safety and satisfaction.

The Guided Home Advantage

Guided Home recognises the challenges faced by the housing industry when it comes to adopting and complying with evolving regulatory environment, internal controls and statutory obligations. Underlying these challenges – especially in the current economic environment – is the need to digitise the customer journey and in turn reduce operating costs while improving consistency, control and customer satisfaction.

Oliver Perry, Co-Founder, Guided Home: “NHQB’s accreditation is an exciting milestone for Guided Home. We’re thrilled to be working alongside NHQB’s registered developers using Guided’s solution to lead the way on competence, compliance and customer satisfaction.”

Guided Home’s ground breaking solution can be deployed in a matter of hours, rapidly digitising the homebuyer journey and minimising the time and effort spent on delivering high quality, compliant home handover and aftercare. With Guided Home, developers can deliver all their home handovers in the time it would usually take to do one handover using legacy systems and processes.

Seamless Sharing, Enhanced Outcomes

Rapid digitisation of home handover, aftercare and defect management – combined with a connected and fully customisable homebuyer portal – eliminates redundancy and friction across the customer journey, ushering in a new era of operational excellence and compliance with heightened and long-lasting customer satisfaction.

Matt Pope, Co-Founder, Guided Home: “Our plug-and-play solution means NHQB registered developers can be confident that each and every customer journey is compliant with minimal time and effort.”

What’s more, Guided Home has been built from the ground up to support future home handovers when the property is sold or rented out. Homeowners can say goodbye to that ring binder of information gathering dust in the cupboard and easily maintain their home information on Guided Home. 

leon livermore CEO NHQB: “We are delighted to be welcoming Guided Home as one of our latest accredited suppliers. Not only do they support developers in meeting the requirements of the New Homes Quality Code, but we also have complete trust that Guided Home shares the same goal as us in creating a better future for consumers in the built environment.”

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