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Launching BSI Identify

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Guided Home is proud to partner with BSI for the launch of BSI Identify. A ground-breaking digital identification service is improving safety in the built environment.

BSI Identify generates unique digital IDs for every construction product and then holds them in a central registry that is searchable, connected and permanent.

Guided’s integration with BSI Identify enables the quick tagging of construction products to specific properties ready for as-built handover using BSI’s UPIN ID.

  • For property managers, it’s a way to know exactly what products are present in the final build, ensure accurate maintenance and find replacement parts easily.
  • For builders and contractors, it’s a game-changing solution to ensure a smooth and accurate building process with the correct products for the job.

BSI Identify is good for contractors, good for property managers and good for the sector. Take a look and see how it works.

Book a Guided Demo to see how you can quickly tag construction product information to your Guided digital twins.

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