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Procore Integrates with Guided Home For The Ultimate Solution for Streamlined New Home Handover and Defect Management

Procore integrates with Guided Home handover and aftercare app

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Guided Home offers a mobile app that integrates with Procore Punchlist, making it easy to capture homeowner defects and sync them with Procore where tasks can be quickly allocated and fixed. It also automates defect status updates to residents and homeowners and streamlines homeowner information sharing with one unique app for new home handover, aftercare and defect reporting.

With Guided Home, developers can save time across the customer journey, boost transparency, and enhance customer satisfaction. The solution includes a custom-branded home handover and aftercare solution, and the integration with Procore Punch List enables residents and homeowners to raise defects and perform inspections through Guided Home’s user-friendly mobile apps, which automatically synchronise with Procore Punchlist.

With Guided Home and Procore you can:

  • Instantly receive new defects from residents and homeowners with Guided Home’s user friendly mobile app experience, which automatically sync with your Procore Punchlist.
  • Automatically notify Procore users that new homeowner defects have been submitted
  • Automatically notify residents and homeowners via the Guided Home app when the Procore defect status is
    updated, so they are informed and don’t need to raise a customer query
  • Effortlessly boost transparency into the defect remediation process; eliminate time consuming manual steps and simplify your technology and process flows

What’s more: your Guided Home subscription includes your own branded home handover and aftercare solution so your teams can save even more time across the customer journey.


Quick to setup: Our solution minimises the time developers spend collating and sharing the required information across the new home customer journey to satisfy statutory obligations, meet best practices and boost customer satisfaction.

Get Started

Visit Procore Marketplace to find out more at Sign-up to Guided Home or Sign-in to your existing Guided Home and navigate to the Integrations menu to connect your Guided Home account to your Procore Punchlist. Sign-up and Sign-in to Guided Home and navigate to the Integrations menu to connect your Guided Home account to your Procore Punchlist.

If you’re new to Guided Home – contact us for a quick call and demo so you can discover how much time and costs Guided Home can save your business with:

  • Integrated new home handover compliance & aftercare solution including easy to use home inspection and defect reporting
  • Rapid digitisation and real-time information sharing of key warranty, commissioning and completion documentation, home user guides, appliance manuals, key contacts, FAQs & more
  • Industry leading – plug ‘n’ play – customer portal
  • Seamless digital customer journey
  • Instant customer-centric business process transformation
  • Available on web & native mobile apps
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