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We take a deep dive into our client Candleston Homes and their Guided Home journey!

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Candleston embarked on the journey towards NHQC approval and sought to fast-track their readiness for the New Homes Quality Code. Additionally, they aimed to establish a seamless digital customer journey from pre-reservation onwards, all within a tight timeframe leading up to a sales launch

Opting for Guided Home, an NHQB accredited supplier, Candleston found a solution known for its swift setup, user-friendly interface, and seamless information sharing capabilities throughout the customer journey.

They seamlessly integrated NHQC compliant information, documentation, and interactive forms into their existing customer portal powered by Guided Home.

Granting access to Guided Home from pre-reservation has streamlined processes, enriched the customer experience, and accelerated New Home Quality Code readiness.

The swift implementation of a fully customisable and branded customer portal has revolutionised the customer experience. By streamlining business processes across the customer journey, significant time savings have been achieved, repetitive tasks eliminated, and ongoing NHQC compliance evidence ensured.

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