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Why sustainable housebuilders choose Guided for home handover?

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It’s hard to stay on top of home completion and handover admin when you’re busy building and selling homes. Find out how Guided makes home handover easy.

Why do award-winning housebuilders chose Guided to transform their new home handover experience & meet their sustainability goals?

We’ve recently worked with Stonewood Homes to answer this question. Download our latest case study to see how Guided helps support multiple strategic goals, including:

• Transforming the quality of their home handover packs and customer experience in line with the quality homes they build;
• Empowering homeowners with the information they need to use energy in their homes more efficiently;
• Reducing the business’ carbon footprint across completion, handover, and aftercare process.

Stonewood has a proud 50-year history and is an award-winning home builder, including National Master Builder of the Year, ‘Residential Developer of the Year’, and ‘Housebuilder of the Year’ on the regional and national stage. They have significant ambitions to expand deliveries and have been chosen as the first of just five partners in a £300 million Housing Growth Partnership’s Regional Growth Initiative, underwritten by Lloyds Bank and the government’s housing financier, Homes England.

Stonewood realized that to support their expansion plans – and deliver a high-quality handover and customer journey expected by today’s app-savvy and environmentally conscious new home buyers and downsizers – they would need to digitize their home documentation, handover and aftercare information.

In conclusion, Stonewood Homes’ commitment to reducing carbon emissions is inspiring, as they look to Guided as a tool that can help them achieve their vision. By using Guided’s digital asset management platform, Stonewood has revolutionized its home handover processes, digitizing over 13,912 documents in the process.

Much of the wastage and excess energy use associated with traditional paper-based approaches and legacy document management practices have been streamlined and optimized. As usage scales further, it’s exciting to see how both efficiency and environmental sustainability will be impacted by this incorporation of technology into real estate. Guided’s innovative building handover methods and software integration ecosystem will continue to uplift the quality of home handover while reducing the effort for everyone involved.

Download the case study now to learn how they benefited from using Guided across all their developments to deliver significant time, cost and productivity improvements.

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